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Product information

Keep white in the refrigerator at max. 5 °C. After opening, it will last 1 day if stored in the refrigerator.

white is available in four tempting flavours:
strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and ginger

The product contains 90 % pure egg white. The sugar content is approximately 4 %. 

What is white?

white is a brand new protein drink made from pure egg whites, only added colouring and natural flavouring. This means that the calorie content of each bottle is 143 calories.

white comes in a handy 220 ml bottle, but don't let the size of the bottle fool you: one bottle contains an impressive 22 g of high quality protein!

white contains no preservatives. Tasting it, you wouldn't know that white is made from egg white: it has a milky texture with no egg taste or smell. 

If you focus on diet, exercise and health, white will give you a concentrated protein boost that strengthens and restores your body after exercise – quick and easy. It is an excellent protein supplement to add to your normal diet. However, we don’t recommend that you use white as a meal replacement.